Lian Bell

Beatbox Bingo – Catapult Dance

A performance for three dancers, hammond organ, trumpet and beatboxing set (loosely) in an office.

My favourite discovery during research of corporate team building games was this office plant supplier’s list order of popularity for a choice of ten different office items:

1- Desks   2- Chairs   3- Computer   4- Lighting   5- Paint colour   6- Plants   7- Blinds/curtains   8- Filing cabinets   9- Flooring   10- Pictures for the wall

Sadly, my set didn’t include all ten popular items.


Choreographer:   Rebecca Walter
Music written & performed by:   Eric Biondo & Justin Carroll
Dancers:   Fearghus O’Conchuir, Katherine O’Malley & Rebecca Walter

© by Lian Bell, 2019 | All photos by LB unless otherwise credited.