Lian Bell

Drinking Dust – junk ensemble & Brokentalkers

A site specific performance by junk ensemble created in collaboration with Brokentalkers in what is now the Boys School space of Smock Alley Theatre. When we used it, the building had been used purely for storage for nearly ten years.

The audience were split in two as they entered the space and had different, intersecting experiences of the production. I played with ideas of abandoned spaces in a couple of small installations that the audience walked through, and we all talked a lot about people shut away in closed rooms.

We had expected to make the performance for a different space entirely. All our research and planning was thrown up in the air a couple of weeks before opening the show when – almost overnight – we had to reconfigure the entire structure of the performance, how it would work in this new space and what the audience’s trajectory would be.

The production won the Culture Ireland Touring Award at Dublin Fringe Festival, and subsequently toured (with redesigns each time) to Paris, Glasgow and Bytom, Poland.

For more on the making of the show, including design sketches, visit Stage and Screen Design Ireland.


Created by: Jessica Kennedy & Megan Kennedy (junk ensemble), Feidlim Cannon & Gary Keegan (Brokentalkers)
Visual design: Lian Bell
Lighting design: Sinead Wallace
Sound Design: Alexis Nealon
Production Manager: Aidan Wallace
Producer: Cian O’Brien
Performed by: Jessica Kennedy, Megan Kennedy, Daniel Reardon, Juno Kostick

© by Lian Bell, 2019 | All photos by LB unless otherwise credited.