Lian Bell

Peat – The Ark

Premiere of an existential show about death for kids of 8+ by Kate Heffernan, directed by Tim Crouch and produced by The Ark, Dublin.

Rayy and Jo are best friends who go to the bog to bury Jo’s dead cat. Digging through the layers of the earth, they come across all kinds of treasures, talk about them, and show them to the audience. Kate, Tim and I met through the Pan Pan International Mentorship, and had a great time making this show. And the audience seemed to have a great time watching it too.

From Kate and I digging around the muddy site of the old O’Devaney Gardens flats in Dublin 7, to Tim picking up squashed plastic bottles from the side of the road, we all had a lot of fun finding the objects that Rayy and Jo unearth and display during the show.

Writer: Kate Heffernan
Director: Tim Crouch
Set and Costume Design: Lian Bell
Sound Design: Slavek Kwi
Lighting Design: Franco Bistoni
Bogscape Filming: Paul Gaffney
Production Manager: Mark Rooney
Performers: Curtis-Lee Ashqar & Kwaku Fortune