Lian Bell

Silver Stars – Sean Millar & Brokentalkers

A performance directed by Brokentalkers of a song cycle by Sean Millar based on real stories from older gay Irish men. For design ideas, I looked at 1950-60s suburban housing developments in Dublin and the kind of trinkets and nicknacks that accumulate on windowsills and mantlepieces.

This production featured a community chorus of professional and non-professional performers and was commissioned as part of the 2008 Bealtaine Festival. The show was revived in 2009 and toured with a redesign.

For more on the making of the show, including design sketches, visit Stage and Screen Design Ireland.

Created by: Sean Millar & Brokentalkers
Design: Lian Bell
Lighting design: Sarah-Jane Sheils
Video design: Kilian Waters

© by Lian Bell, 2019 | All photos by LB unless otherwise credited.