Lian Bell

This is Still Life – Brokentalkers & Dublin Youth Theatre

To mark the 30 year anniversary of Dublin Youth Theatre being in existence, Brokentalkers were commissioned to create a show will a large cast of teenage performers.

We built an onstage TV studio as part of the stage space, that was partially screened from the audience, and spent time playing with very cheesy visual effects.

For more on the making of the show, including design sketches, visit Stage and Screen Design Ireland.

This Is Still Life from brokentalkers on Vimeo.

Created by: Brokentalkers with the Dublin Youth Theatre cast
Set design and costumes: Lian Bell
Lighting design: Sarah-Jane Shiels
Sound design: Peter Morrow
Video design: Kilian Waters
Production Manager: Lisa O’Mahony

© by Lian Bell, 2019 | All photos by LB unless otherwise credited.