Lian Bell

You Are Here – Catapult Dance

A site-specific dance performance set in the belltower of St Anne’s Church in Cork city (the home of the Shandon Bells), commissioned by Cork Midsummer Festival in 2006.

The audience followed a pair of dancers through the ever-tightening spaces of the five levels of the tower: the bell rope level, the pendulum level, the clock level, through the bells themselves and out onto a tiny outdoor walkway. Looking out over the city they could see, far below on the streets of Shandon, identical pairs of dancers performing.

You Are Here (Catapult Dance, 2006) from Mark Linnane on Vimeo.

Choreographer:  Rebecca Walter
Composer:  Hugh O’Neill
Designer:  Lian Bell
Featuring:  Jennifer Fleenor & Mike Carberry
With:  Brenda Donohue, Amy Foley, Edward Graham, Nicole Higgins, Stephanie Scott & Cathy Walsh


© by Lian Bell, 2019 | All photos by LB unless otherwise credited.