Lian Bell

Dublin Theatre Festival | Role: Festival Plus Coordinator

For the 2013 & 2014 Dublin Theatre Festival I was the Festival Plus Coordinator, an expansion and development of the Special Events Coordinator role of the past.

Peter Crawley, Aoife Monks, Willie White & Fiona Shaw at Voyage and Return

Peter Crawley, Aoife Monks, Willie White & Fiona Shaw at Voyage and Return. Photo: Senija Topcic

The cornerstone event for the 2013 Festival Plus programme was Voyage and Return, a day-long symposium presented by DTF in collaboration with Trinity College Dublin as part of The Gathering Ireland. The event took place in Trinity and comprised an academic seminar and two public discussions – one with actress Fiona Shaw, and the other with a panel of Irish theatre professionals working internationally.

Key activities for this role included:

– overseeing and/or coordinating 44 Festival Plus events, including post-show discussions, the Festival Lecture by philosopher Simon Critchley and parallel events being developed by external organisations including the Abbey Theatre, The Ark, Gate Theatre, Irish Theatre Institute, National Campaign for the Arts, and RTE Radio.
– logistical and financial management of all aspects of the Voyage and Return symposium, including liaison with Trinity College Dublin
– working in collaboration with all departments in DTF, plus external curators, to deliver events
– post-event reporting

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