Lian Bell

Pan Pan International Mentorship | Role: Producer

The participants & mentor at the 2012 Symposium Day

The participants & mentor at the 2012 Symposium Day. Photo: Senija Topcic

From 2012-18 I have been working with Pan Pan Theatre to produce their International Mentorship programme. For each of the five programmes we engaged an established international theatre maker over a period of months to work with Irish participants on developing early-stage ideas for performance. The mentorship is supplemented with a bursary to enable the participants to ‘buy time’ to dedicate to ideas development. In later programmes, we have been able to also support the participant’s international travel to see relevant work.

Each year the mentorship culminated in a public Symposium Day – and informal event for the participants to share the ideas they had been working on, for the mentor to introduce their work and for everyone to discuss the role of mentoring in general, and this mentorship programme in particular.

The international mentors over the four programmes were Kirsten Dehlholm of Hotel Pro Forma (Denmark), Viviane De Muynck of Needcompany (Belgium), Tim Crouch (UK), Stewart Laing of Untitled Projects (UK), and Anna-Sophie Mahler (Germany/Switzerland)

Participants to date: Amy Conroy, Thomas Conway, Tom Creed, Paul Curley, Clodagh Deegan, Maedhbh Haicead, Conor Hanratty, Kate Heffernan, Tom Lane, Una McKevitt, Lynnette Moran, Bush Moukarzel, Gina Moxley, Ruairí Donovan, Hilary O’Shaughnessy, Martin Sharry, Aoife Spillane-Hinks, Dick Walsh and Louise White.

Key activities for this role included:

– programme development in collaboration with Pan Pan
– grant application writing
– planning and engagement of the mentors
– development and management of open application system
– selection of participants in collaboration with Pan Pan and the mentor
– scheduling and logistics management of mentor visits
– fundraising and liaison with supporters (Danish Embassy, British Council, Gate Theatre, Goethe Institut)
– logistics management of all aspects of the Symposium Days
– online promotion of the mentorship and of the Symposium Days
– budget management

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