Lian Bell

Ireland PQ07 | Role: Exhibition coordinator


Ireland was represented for the first (and only) time at the Prague Quadrennial of International Exhibition of Scenography and Theatre Architecture in 2007 (PQ07). This is the world’s largest exhibition of design for performance which takes place every four years.

The exhibition was managed by Irish Theatre Institute and curated and designed by John Comiskey. I was hired by ITI to coordinate both the Irish exhibit in Prague and a larger exhibition of Irish design for performance (Extracts) that took place during the 2006 Dublin Theatre Festival in City Hall.

Key activities for this role included:

– Extensive research into Irish design for performance 2003-2007
– Awareness raising of the Prague Quadrennial as an event
– Ongoing contact with all relevant companies and designers to collate material for both the Extracts and PQ07 exhibitions
– Coordination of the PQ07 catalogue
– Administration of travel grants to 21 designers, 10 students and 2 photographers whose work was presented in Prague
– Liaison with photo printers for exhibition
– Installation and de-installation of exhibits
– On-site support for travelling party
– Archiving of photographic material after the event
– Compiling of an extensive report commissioned after the event

PDF download of PQ07 exhibition catalogue

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