Lian Bell

#WakingTheFeminists | Role: Campaign Director

Some of those who put together the #WakingTheFeminists public meeting at the Abbey Theatre on Nov 12th 2015

Some of those who put together the historic #WakingTheFeminists public meeting at the Abbey Theatre, November 12th 2015 (photo: Fiona Morgan)

Since accidentally sparking off an explosive online discussion about sexism in Irish theatre in November 2015, I was Campaign Director of #WakingTheFeminists – a hugely successful one-year grassroots campaign for equality for women in Irish theatre. I was awarded an Irish Times Irish Theatre Award, Trinity College Law Society’s Praeses Elit Award, an Outstanding Young Person Award from the Dublin branch of Junior Chamber International, the Trinity College Philosophical Society’s Bram Stoker Award, and Honorary Patronage of DU Players for my work with the campaign. The campaign also won a Lilly Award (New York) and a Tonic Theatre Award (London).

For more details on #WakingTheFeminists, see here.

Key responsibilities for this role included:

– leadership of the core campaign team throughout the year
– continuous campaign strategy development and public messaging development
– coordination of an extensive online campaign via dedicated website, Facebook, Twitter– formal and informal liaison with the Irish theatre community
– extensive national and international media appearances and public speaking engagements
– representation of the campaign to government and state funding agencies
– fundraising and grant application writing
– coordination of three major high profile public events, and liaison on upwards of 30 ancillary supporters events


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